Custom AirBrush Tans

St.Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist has a weightless application that results in a spectacular natural looking spray tan. Perfect and even instant colour dries in 60 seconds. 

This self-adjusting spray bronzing mist is oil free and your tan will deepen over 4-8 hours. 

Formulated with skin conditioning agents & additional benefits is our signature Aromaguard fragrance technology that eliminates typical tanning aroma, leaving you instead with a subtle, refreshing fragrance. This Spray Bronzing Mist is ideal for the entire body, including the face.

Classic Tan


The Brazilian inspired formula allows you to enjoy the skin enhancing benefits of an oil combined with self tan. 

This indulgent mist applies easily and dries down quickly for a smooth radiant dewy glow developing into a, natural looking golden tan. Infused with Brazil nut oil and naturally fragranced with essential oils, this formula is clinically proven to hydrate for up to 7 days.

Luxe Dry Oil Tan


St.Tropez Express Bronzing Mist is the most revolutionary spray tan yet. It lets you select how dark you want to go by choosing when you shower. 

The formulation contains fast-acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin while intelligent shade technology allows you to select your depth of color.


For a light, spray tan – shower after 1 hour. For a medium spray tan – leave on for 2 hours. For a dark tan – leave on for 3 hours.

Express Tan


For a sunless tan which gives the wow factor, St. Tropez Dark Sunless Bronzing Mist Sunless tanning Solution will leave you thrilled with a deep bronzed look.


The signature Aromaguard fragrance will give you the tanned look without the tell-tale sunless tanned smell.

The melanin technology contained in the formula works with the body's skin cells to deliver a tan which customizes itself with each individual's natural skin tone.


The quick drying, fast acting spray means we can deliver a vibrant look quickly to maximize your repeat business.

Dark Tan


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