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Microblading Specifics & What to Expect

During the microblading process we use only the best highest quality, microblading tools to draw on individual strokes one by one. All of our microblades are sterilized using EO Gas (sometimes referred to as EtO). We also use only the very best Pigments for even color application and to ensure that the color fades true to tone. The best products for the best results!


Microblading is an extremely meticulous process that takes an hour and a half to two hours to complete. Since results usually last up to 24 months (brows will be significantly faded at this point), it's good to know that our brow specialist pays so much attention to detail. Holly's training in brow shaping, and microblading as well as her use of only the best quality microblading tools and pigments are what set us apart from the rest and is the reason we are trusted by so many.

We provide clients with a topical numbing cream which is to be applied one hour prior to your appointment in order to minimize discomfort. If you're worried that the process is painful, Holly assures, "Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it's relatively painless." So, for the first part of the microblading procedure, we are drawing the shape in with removable pencil. During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen.

Your procedure includes your first appointment & the “perfecting” appointment. Additional touch-ups may be required for those seeking a very full, thick brow or for those who are starting this process with very uneven natural brows.


As stated, we include one mandatory, perfecting touch-up as part of the initial process which is included in the purchase price. A touch-up is required because between 10% - 15% of hair strokes disappear after the first treatment so we will need to reapply where needed in order to create the full three-dimensional look. This touch-up is done a minimum of five-six weeks after your first appointment, and no longer than three months after the initial appointment. This touch up is scheduled the way that it is because the healing process is different for everyone, and it takes about 40-45 days to allow your brow strokes to settle in and your skin to fully heal before we will do your touch-up. Your brows are not considered completed until your touch-up has been done and allowed to heal. 

Color may be quite dark, uneven, or red in tone during the first 1 - 7 days. 7-10 days after the process, brows may lose 40 to 50% of their intensity as they heal, don't panic, the color will return, but will be more subtle than week one with the redness gone and the true tone revealed. If you think the color is too dark or reddish, do not try to remove it yourself by any means. Patiently wait the two weeks for the color to balance out on its own after the healing of the skin. If after healing you feel the color is too light, we can always go darker at your perfecting appointment. We would rather have them heal too light and then go darker during your perfecting appointment as it is much easier to add color depth than to go lighter after pigment has been deposited into the skin.


And remember, your brows are NOT considered completed until your perfecting touch-up has been completed and allowed to heal!

Here is a link with more information on why our pigments have a red/orange tone during healing: Tina Davies Pigments During Healing

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