Shore Rejuvenation Day Spa offers all natural waxing services using only Se-Brazil waxes in all of our waxing treatments.
Se Brazil waxes are made up of the finest and purest Brazilian ingredients. These eco-friendly, all-natural waxes are biodegradable and polymer (plastic)-free. These waxes are also free of parabens, PABA, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and formaldehyde, packaged in eco-packaging and never, ever, tested on animals.
All of our Se-Brazil waxes have a low temperature melting point and setup very quickly on the skin after application making for a quicker waxing experience with less irritation.


​For those of you who already have your brow shaped this is a good option for your monthly maintenance. We will wax any hair outside of your brow line and trim as needed.


If you are looking to edit your existing brow shape, we recommend that you chose our Brow Makeover service to achieve your desired results.

Brow Wax


Our low temperature ​Cocoa Hard ​wax & Latte soft wax remove unwanted hair with little-to-no irritation

Woman's Full Face Wax


​The Itsy-bitsy Bikini wax leaves a vertical strip in front. This type of wax is popular with ladies who wear garments of an extreme narrowness in the crotch region or those who prefer an itsy-bitsy bikini bottom.

Woman's Itsy-Bitsy Bikini Wax


Our low temperature ​Cocoa Hard wax removes unwanted hair with little-to-no irritation.

Underarm Waxing


From the thighs down, includes top of foot and toes.

Full Legs Waxing


Waxing of the shoulders.

Shoulders Waxing


Our low temperature ​Cocoa Hard wax removes unwanted hair with little-to-no irritation

Lip Wax


Cocoa hard wax is applied, hardens and is then removed taking out all unwanted hair from inside the nostrils along with it.​

Nostril Waxing


​The full Brazilian entails removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back.

Full Brazilian Wax


Hair is removed from elbows to wrists.

Half Arm Waxing


Waxing of the full arms, includes tops of hands & fingers.

Full Arm Waxing


Waxing of all of the hair on the chest.

Mens Chest Waxing


Our low temperature ​Cocoa Hard ​wax removes unwanted hair with little-to-no irritation

Chin Waxing


​​The bikini line delineates the area which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. During this service wax is used to remove hair visible beyond the boundaries of a normal cut bikini bottom.

Woman's Bikini Waxing


Cocoa hard wax is applied, hardens and is then removed taking out all unwanted hair from inside the ears along with it.​​

Ear Waxing 


​All hair removed from knees to ankles.

Lower Leg Waxing


Waxing of the entire upper and lower back. Does not include shoulders.

Full Back Waxing


Waxing of hair on stomach.

Stomach Waxing


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