Luscious Lips from Sunrise to Sunset!

Find Your Perfect Pout!

What is Lip Blushing?


Do you want to have full, natural-looking defined lips, enhance your natural lip color or have a fabulous subtle shade that gives that perfect blush of color? Then pucker up buttercup cause we have the perfect semi-permanent solution for you! Allow us to introduce you to Lip Blushing.

So what is lip-Blushing you ask? Why it's the newest semi-permanent technique that will enhance and even out natural lip color, or add color in lips lacking pigment. With this technique, we use only the best Tina Davies I     Ink Pigments which allow you to select and try on your perfect lip shade prior to starting the procedure. This technique involves creating a very soft and subtle outline of your lips with your selected lip shade. This soft line is then blended and shaded when filling in your lips with the pigment. By doing this, we are avoiding the “lined lip” look, and thereby creating perfectly-blended natural looking lips. 

Lips will look darker and more like lipstick on the first day, and soften as they heal to become a subtle, natural looking lip tint creating the illusion of fuller, natural looking lips. Layers of translucent shading create a barely-there blush of color across the lips. After a short healing process, you can enjoy everything from swimming or sports to a day at the beach all the while keeping that perfect pink pout.

What sets us apart?


  • Our Artist: Our Lip Blushing Artist is an experienced PMU technician with years of experience as well as certification in Lip Blushing from the Shay Danielle Academy. Holly is a perfectionist and true artist who always strives to give her clients the best results achievable through technique and the use of the best tools and pigments on the market.

  • Our Passion: It’s not surprising that gorgeous lips have become so popular. They are the most sensuous part of the face, and yet many women notice that their lips deteriorate over time. This loss of the fuller, rosier, more defined lips we once had can feel like a loss of youth. But, a little boost of color and definition can have a huge impact. So impactful, that Coco Chanel famously said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Boom! Let’s get our lip color on and attack, ladies!

  • Our Pigments: To enable women to preview what the finished outcome would look like, Tina Davies created 12 concentrated lip blush products that are matched to each of the lip pigment colors we use. This completely revolutionizes the lip procedure consultation. Now, as artists, we can give our clients an opportunity to sample the look they want. With two color collections available to choose from (Lust and Envy) we give women the power & joy of their perfect lips from the moment they wake up in the morning until their last kiss goodnight.

  • Aftercare: The right aftercare is essential to the best healed results, we have researched and tested and have come up with the best method of aftercare to deliver the highest quality results.

(includes first appointment, perfecting appointment & follow up appointment)

Service pricing Includes Perfecting Appointment 

Follow up Appointment required 6 -8 weeks from perfecting appointment

Time for a re-fresh?

Returning Lip Blushing clients to Shore Rejuvenation day Spa can opt to have an annual color refresh up to 18 months from initial procedure to keep their lips looking perfectly-polished. Appointments booked after the 18 month month mark will need to repeat the initial procedure as lips may be significantly faded at this point.
12 Month Refresh $375
(refresh up to 12 months from initial appointment)

18 Month Refresh $475
(refresh up to 18 months from initial appointment)

*This service is for existing Lip-Blushing clients only.

Consultations done on same day as Lip-blushing procedure are included in the Lip-Blushing price. Consultations done prior to booking the procedure can be scheduled if preferred, but there is an additional consultation fee of $100

We have a 72 Hour rescheduling policy for all of our PMU procedures and a non-refundable deposit of $100 to hold your appointment.

Correction of previously tattooed lips is $725 as this is a more complicated process.