Here at Shore Rejuvenation Day Spa we offer an abundance of quality facial treatments to fit any specific skin care needs or budget. Here is a brief description of each to help point you in the right direction...

Med-Spa Facials

Our Med-Spa facials are the crème de la crème of our facials and offer amazing results with the Candela eTwo. Our Candela treatments diminish acne scars, smooth skins texture, address pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone all while stimulating new collagen and elastin growth deep beneath the surface of the skin with minimal to no downtime.

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Classic Facials

Our Classic facials are just that, classic. From anti-aging to problematic skin facials, these tried-and-true skin care treatments have an established reputation to diminish stress and you bet, they certainly live up to their reputation!

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Advanced Skin


Next in line, our Advanced Skin Therapies are Spa Facials with Clinical Results. While these facials may pack a clinical-punch, they are performed in a soothing and tranquil 

environment by highly trained aestheticians and come along with all of the niceties one would expect when visiting Shore for a spa facial.

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Express Facials

Our Express Facials come next. Conceived from our desire to deliver quality skin care treatments to even our busiest of clients, our Express facials are short and sweet all the while maintaining their capacity to deliver one fab facial.

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Our Signature facials are created with our clients in mind, these are our most popular facial treatments, designed to take relaxation to the next level while delivering amazing results. They are "shore" to impress.

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Last, but certainly not least, we offer a selection of the highest quality Environ advanced skin cool - peels and TCA peels to aid in skin rejuvenation and brightening as well as other skin care issues and concerns like acne scars.

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